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About us

We have a love for paws, all paws and we have a love for old wood so we've merged the two and created Paws Paws Paws.  We hope that when you see our products that they put a smile on your face as they have ours creating them.

All of our Paws Paws Paws products are made from reclaimed wood, canvas and various others woods and materials with sayings we've created. Each sign is unique in the fact that the wood will be different on each product and the painting and presentation won't always be 100% duplicated.

The best part besides you getting a great sign, magnet, table or leash holder?

10% of all "pawceeds" from items you purchase online will be donated to New Jersey rescue organizations.  

When we do events, markets, shows 10% of all "pawceeds" will be donated to rescues in those areas and will be prominently displayed at our booth.