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Dog or Cat Wooden Food & Water Stands

Dog or Cat Wooden Food & Water Stands (various sizes)

Besides what is listed for sale here.  We also make CUSTOM Food and Water Stands you will see them as "SOLD OUT", but feel free to order one of them and we will closely match it.  Small, medium and large.  We just need the chest height of the dog/breed etc.  Contact us: for any questions before ordering.

Made of 100% reclaimed wood.

Paint and sealant 100% Non-Toxic/No Odor.  It seals, protects and is washable! We use only high quality paint and sealants for all of our outdoor products.

Each stand will be on different wood and each will be painted and look different.  

Remember 10% of all online "PAWCEEDS" generated from sales will go to a local rescue group.